Sunday, October 5, 2014

Today was Sunday and we left our hotel in Tipperary and drove through beautiful landscape that reminded us of Switzerland. Cows and sheep in beautiful stone fenced hillsides.

We had some great stories along the way as well: Janet’s story of her experience with the prayers of St. John Paul II, Fr. James’ story of the Pope as well. We also had Dr. Ed tell us how to cut somebody’s throat and stick sticking ink pen and if they couldn’t breathe . He had us laughing our heads off and then he sang a song which made us laugh so hard we are crying.

We visited St. Kevin’s Monastery which took us back over 1000 years in time and we saw a movie about the history of the Catholic faith in Ireland starting with Saint Patrick. It tied everything together for us, things that we had seen up till now.

Fr. Dennis Howard from Michigan joined us today and will be with us the last few days in Dublin. We’re looking forward to two good days of touring Dublin and having some free time.


Not only Irish storytelling at its best, but also Batt Burns at his best. After dinner tonight we all went up to a private room and Pat Burns entertained us for an hour.

He had us with tears in her eyes both from laughter and from sadness which is what a good storyteller can do.

I hope you enjoy this two-part story of “My First Confession”. I had to do it in two parts due to the limitations of YouTube.

Part 1:

Part 2

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