Saturday, September 20, 2014


Our group last week at the Holy Sepulchre.

Catholic Bishops of Holy Land Give 6-Point Evaluation of Current Events and Say Pope’s Visit Was a Pastoral and Ecumenical Success

BETHLEHEM, September 19, 2014 ( – Here is a statement from the ordinary session of the Assembly of the Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land, which met this week in Bethlehem.

The Heads of Catholic Churches in the Holy Land met on the 16th and 17th of September at the Caritas Betharram Center in Bethlehem to discuss the common challenges and issues facing their churches and countries.

Point 5. They reaffirm the Appeal of the Pilgrimage Committee in Jerusalem that pilgrims return without fear to the Holy Land. In fact, the pilgrims’ itinerary was always and is still very secure. Furthermore, pilgrims are a bridge of peace in this troubled area of the world.

See our Safety Video taken a few weeks ago while in the Holy Land below.

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