Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My first comment was: the most important thing for a girl is the love of a strong father and that the father love the girl’s mother.

We talked about raising daughters and some of my philosophy after having done raised three daughters and a son — all wonderful. And, my youngest, a daughter is getting married on Saturday.

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1. I have a friend with a strong Catholic family. Her older daughter is deliberately trying to get the younger daughter to break family rules and to rebel. Lying has become the routine. What advice can I offer to deal with the older and younger daughter?

2. My 8 year old daughter is interested in Catholic religion classes to receive first communion. My wife is Protestant and opposes the classes and most things Catholic. How should I talk to my wife to compromise so my daughter can attend the classes?

3. I have been in an abusive marriage and am now in the process of a divorce. What practical advise do you have for me so that my daughter (who did not feel any love from her father) to avoid seeking inappropriate relationships later in life?

4. What advice would you give me to help my freshman daughter in college who is angry with me for not letting her use birth control like the rest of her friends. She is the only girl in her group of friends who is not on birth control.

5. My cousin in not married but got pregnant. My daughters are very young. How do I talk to them about  this “out of wedlock” pregnancy?

6. I have teenage sons who don’t understand why girls are so fast to “put it all on the line” or be loose. How can I talk to the girls about keeping the pressure off their young male peers?

7. My 19 year old girl  is doubting our Catholic teaching, ever since she was 17 years old. How do I make her understand that sexual relations between men and men, and women and women is inappropriate?

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by Steve Ray on September 10, 2014

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