Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It was a Q & A for Non-Catholics. We got good questions and I had a blast answering. Here is a link to listen on-line and here is a link for other listening options like Podcasts.


I am a Bible Christian and my husband is fallen away Catholic starting a home church and friends. They are now disagreeing especially about praying to Mary. What is the truth about this?

 Why can’t I take Communion? I have been visiting a Catholic Mass with a friend and the book says I cannot take the Eucharist. It makes me sad. Why can’t I?

 Children coming across the border from Mexico. Why is the bishop (bishops) approving of this and not trying to stop it for our safety and security? 

Mary co-redeemer? My Catholic friend tells me that Mary redeems us too. What is this about? 

Shacking up. Our family was all raised Bible Christian and now my son is marrying a Catholic and taking classes to become Catholic. Yet, they are living together. What is the Church’s teaching on this and why are they letting them marry if they already live together?

Defining the word Atheist. One of the guests on this show improperly defined “atheist.” I want to explain what it really means and set you all staight.