Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It was one of the funnest and fastest shows ever! Great questions and lively discussion. Here are the questions I answered. The topic was “Abraham: Father of Faith and Works.”

Here is the link for listening on-line and here for downloading as a podcast.

1) Did Abraham know that God wouldn’t have him actually go through with killing Isaac?

2) Why was Isaac willing to go through with this and let his father kill him?

Steve sacrificing a ram in Israel

3) Why wasn’t God disappointed with Abraham’s adultery with Hagar?

4) It seems strange to me that Catholics practice “offering it up” with their sufferings. What is all that about if Christ’s already suffered for us?

5) Why would God ask Abraham to commit a mortal sin? And why would Abraham believe that God would ask him to do that? How can you justify this sacrifice?

6) I don’t understand why Hagar was punished? What did she do wrong?

7) It seems like you are justifying Abraham’s affair with Hagar because of the customs of the time. Wouldn’t it be wrong for him to have intercourse with Hagar no matter what the customs of his time were?

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