Friday, June 6, 2014

Planting a flag in the Holy Land

by Steve Ray on June 6, 2014


Looking out over Israel from Bethel where Abraham first arrived in Canaan.

Today we stood where Abraham first arrived in Canaan 4000 years ago. I built an altar and talked about Abraham and how that altar he built was like marking his claim in this land, putting his flag in the ground. In our DVD I’m going to show the astronauts planting the flag and the moon and claiming that territory.

Abraham had traveled 1600 miles from Ur in Iraq and when he arrived here God said “Stop! You have arrived, this is the land I promised to you.” Abraham built the alter the claim the territory and stake his claim.


Practicing my lines

I put up a tent next to the altar and showed how tent represented the transitoriness of our life – we keep moving – we are pilgrims on this earth and only passing through. Abraham pulls up his tent stakes and moves to another place but the altar always remains.

The altar represents the permanence of God; the tent represents the temporary nature of our lives here. We are pilgrims traveling through this earth like Abraham. Our real citizenship is in heaven.

We’re very excited about this movie that will be prepared and ready by Christmas. It will be entitled “Abraham: Father of Faith and Works.”

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