Istaeli Security Already Preparing for the Pope at our Notre Dame Hotel in Jerusalem

by Steve Ray on May 7, 2014

The Pope owns the hotel where we always stay with our groups. It is the Catholic Center in Jerusalem. Janet and I have stayed at the Notre Dame Ctr. over 130 times.

Today when we arrived back from dinner at our favorite Christian restaurant in the Old City we found six Israeli security vehicles in front of the hotel.

I’m glad they’re going to take good care of our Holy Father. But I’m also very glad our groups won’t be here when the Pope arrives because the security and the blocked roads and closed cities make for a real difficult pilgrimage.

We were here with a group when Pope Benedict arrived. Last time we lost our rooms at the Notre Dame Ctr. because the Pope’s people were moving in. At the last minute we had to find rooms in Jericho. I’m glad we are done and gone five days before the Pope arrives this time.

Two weeks ago we had our group in Rome for the canonization. We were very fortunate and our people got to be up close to the Pope and one even touched his hand during the General Audience.

We love the Pope and we love the Catholic Church. But to be in the Holy Land when the Pope is here is a logistical nightmare. I’m glad we do not have to subject our pilgrims to that rigamarole.

Long live the Pope! Long live the Catholic Church! Long Live the Christians in the Holy Land!

Picture taken from our balcony window.


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Tom Collier May 7, 2014 at 4:02 PM

Being close enough to touch the Pope, as you mentioned is best done on his home turf! The canonization pulgrimage was great! We’re still trying to figure out how we were the ones blessed wth a Mass at the tomb of Pope St. John Paul II.

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