Lots of Radio Shows this Week; Join Us!

by Steve Ray on April 16, 2014

I love Catholic Radio and all that it is doing for the Catholic Faith. I love contributing as much as I can. Here are shows I am doing this week.


1) Son Rise Morning 7:10 AM EST: Palm Sunday


1) Son Rise Morning 7:10 AM EST: Mary, Martha and Lazarus: Jesus preparing for the Passion

2) Archangel Radio: Mobile Alabama 8:00 AM EST: The Passion of Christ

3) Good Book Club, Spirit Catholic Radio 9:05 AM EST: Acts 15 “Must Gentiles be Circumcised to be Christians? (Men flinch)


1) Son Rise Morning 7:10 AM EST: Holy Thursday and the Upper Room

2) Sean Herriot Show on Relevant Radio: Holy Week and the Sufferings of Jesus

 3) Guadalupe Radio: 9:10 AM EST Persecution of Christians in the Middle East

4) Catholic Answers Live at 7:00 PM EST: The Pain of the Crucifixion


1) Son Rise Morning Show 7:10 AM EST Garden of Gethsemane, Trial and Prison 


1) Sean Herriott Show: 8:00-9:00 AM EST: Whipping, Stations of the Cross, the Crucifixion

2) Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio 5:00 PM EST: The People at the Foot of the Cross

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