Thursday, January 23, 2014

Questions I Answered on Q & A for Non-Catholics

by Steve Ray on January 23, 2014

It was another rousing and fun show where I answered a wide range of questions from people who are not Catholics. The questions I answered are below. You can listen On-line here and check here for other listening options.


1) Non-believer, philosophy student asked: How does one understand doctrine as opposed to an inner sense? Why should I believe doctrine when I have my own experiences?

2) Evangelical interested in Catholicism: Why is there no teaching at the Mass? And why no things to do as a community in the Catholic Church like in Protestant churches?

3) Protestant asked: Regarding what the philosophy student asked, Is it our heart to which Jesus appeals for conversion?

4) Protestant asked: Vatican II refers to non-Catholics as “separated brethren.” Can you explain what this means?

5) Protestant asked: Why do Catholics pray to Mary and saints? It seems like a big distraction to worship saints instead of God himself.

6) Non-believer asked: In your Code of Canon Law a woman is excommunicated if she aborts her child but you don’t excommunicate people like Hitler. Why are you Catholics so inconsistent?