Friday, January 17, 2014

Over 900 people have already registered for the Midwest Catholic Apologetics Conference at Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Sterling Heights Michigan. I will be speaking about the “Authority of the Church.” It is full of stories, anecdotes and is pretty hard-hitting.

I will be be joined by my friend Gary Michuta, and excellent apologist from Michigan who played a part in my conversion. Also joining us is Patrick Madrid speaking on Atheism and Marcus Grodi who’s topic is “Verses I Never Knew where in the Bible.”

I will do some live shows on Spirit Catholic Radio while in the studio including the Good Book Club on Matthew 23.

They I jump on a plane and head to Omaha Nebraska to help celebrate the 15th year of year of Spirit Catholic Radio and to promote our next St. Paul Cruise in November 2014. This cruise is to mark the anniversary of KVSS and Spirit Catholic Radio. We will be joined on the high seas with about ten priests from Omaha and Lincoln including Bishop Conley.

Then to Lincoln Monday night. My talks will be on St. John the Apostle. Very interesting guy. We will discuss him from 15 years old to 100. We will jump off the boat and dive into his gospel with is rich and fun. There will be a lot of apologetics during the talk.

Logos’ Verbum, the premier Catholic and Bible Study software will be showcased at all three events. I will be demonstrating the finest and best way for Catholics to learn their faith and do Bible study – from the computers, tablets and smartphones.