Monday, December 16, 2013

Earth around the sun, or sun around the earth?

They wake up every morning and think the sun revolves around the earth. They live in a different universe than the rest of us. They want you to join their new alternate reality.

These folks are marginalized and relatively unknown – and for good reason. They live in Nutsville, a cult that dwells on the far reaches of absurdity. They call themselves Geocentrists and they think the Earth is the center of the Universe, a universe which revolves around the earth. 

If you are wondering why I would even bother to draw your attention to this, it is because so many people are looking for radical solutions to our cultural problems. The world is out of kilter, intellectually, culturally, politically.  Young people are vulnerable to the Big Lie, the all-encompassing solution. They think some radical explanation will put it all in place.

It almost seems stupid to deal with this issue – but since some well-intentioned folks are falling into the pit, David Palm has done a great job of exposing and refuting the geocentrist’s untenable position. He wants these confused Catholics to come back to reality and stop unsettling simple and gullible folks. He wants to protect others from being sucked into this nefarious vortex.

Bob Sungenis, Mayor of Nutsville

The new website Geocentrism Debunked has its debut this week. It is up and ready to shed light into the darkness of this new cult. Want to view the geocentric’s websites and promoters? Dave Palm has them all provided on his new site. He also dissects the ideas with smooth precision. His website should be at the fingertips of anyone influenced by this new movement and shared with anyone who wants to understand.

Please share this link with your friends so they can avoid the slippery deception that is being purported as Catholic truth. Wolves love to dress like sheep; fools love to masquerade as wise men. We must be prepared to defend against all things in error and damaging to the faith.

Geocentrism Debunked is a marvelous “Grand Central Station” on this topic. Dave Palm has written clearly and thoughtfully with his usual intellectual prowess and well-contained sarcasm. He has also compiled an excellent collection of other resources. 

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