ESPN Hit with Tough Allegation: Rejected Ad Because ‘Jesus and God are Problematic’

by Steve Ray on December 13, 2013

UPDATE 12/13/13 ESPN retracted its rejection and has decided to air the ad as it was originally presented. Smart move ESPN. Thanks to all those who protested!

Problematic in deed! Read the review, see how ESPN rejected a nice ad for a Children’s Hospital requesting that people send in cards and greetings to the children.

ESPN rejected it because it said “the healing power of God” and that Christmas was the birth of Christ.

ESPN (and it’s parent company Disney World) should be ashamed and I hope there’s a huge outcry. Come on America, what’s happening to you! Rather, what are we allowing to happen to us.

Read the review of it here, watch the nice little short ad that was rejected, and see what O’Reilly said on his show about the whole mess.

I hope that a lot of people call and write to ESPN to complain.


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Caleb December 13, 2013 at 1:51 PM

I already contacted them. I am not renewing my subscription for ESPN Magazine (that is up in January).

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