Mixed Reviews on How Great Mandela Really Was

by Steve Ray on December 10, 2013

Nelson Mandela with wife Winnie and Joe Slove, head of South Africa Communist Party and leading member of ANC.

While the world has it’s eyes on South Africa and the funeral of Nelson Mandela, his praises are being sung around the world. No doubt he was a huge figure on the world stage, was unjustly imprisoned and did some important things for South Africa, but his legacy is mixed.

He was a huge pro-abortion leader who ushered in some of the world’s most anti-life laws. He also supported the gay movement and paved the way for homosexual “marriage” in South Africa. He was also a communist which opens a bit of a window into his worldview.

Yes, he suffered nobly for freedom and to eliminate apartheid, was a great example of forgiveness and magnanimity, but we need to be aware of the condemnatory aspects of his legacy as well.

Here is an interesting article in LifeSiteNews.com entitled Pro-life leaders urge caution, while Pope, Cardinal Dolan praise controversial Nelson Mandela.

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Mike December 10, 2013 at 2:27 PM

I have a very difficult time understanding Pope Francis’ stance on so many issues. He has so many conflicting messages whick makes me frustrated in trying to be a faithful Catholic. How can he speak about the world being a “throw away culture” in one speech, then praise Mandela in another? The last paragraph of the article is strange. Why isn’t the pope holding fast to what the US bishops are teaching? I keep praying for clarity in his messages.

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