Thursday, December 5, 2013

Save Syria, Church on it’s Knees Petition Drive

by Steve Ray on December 5, 2013

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 America is supporting the “rebels” who are not rebels at all but radical Muslim insurrectionists mainly from other countries like Iran. They are routinely kidnapping and slaughtering Christians. Just last week a convert full of nuns were all kidnapped. 

As a country to we should be defending the Christians and doing all we can right now to support President Assad who, though less than ideal as a leader, has always protected the Christians and maintained stability in Syria.

The work of Obama supported "rebels" in Syria

 “Open Doors” writes: Thank you so much for all the support and prayer that you have given to Christians in Syria this year. 

You have made a real difference and our brothers and sisters in Syria regularly tell us how encouraged and uplifted they are by your prayers and the practical help of your generous gifts.

I was particularly touched by the story of Hana, from Damascus, who actively thinks of us all standing and praying alongside her whenever she is scared!

And there is one more way you can stand alongside her – the Save Syria petition will be presented to the UN next week and your name can still be counted in!

We have one more day to collect signatures: the deadline is this Friday.

I know we have asked you many times before but if you’ve been putting off signing the petition to the last moment, now’s your chance to sign.

We’re delighted and so thankful to God that over 282,000 people from more than 80 countries worldwide have now signed the petition in solidarity with the church in Syria. If you’ve yet to do so, please sign the petition before Friday: we’d love to present your signature on behalf of Christians next week!

Thank you again for all your support for the church in Syria.

Every blessing, Zoe  Campaigns Team