Friday, November 15, 2013


Even the liberal International New York Times has stopped cheering for him

When Obama was first elected people in all the countries we visited thought he was going to change the world, solve problems, bring everyone together. Huge crowds cheered his as the Messiah. He was given the Noble Peace Prize. Everyone was optimistic. Liberals were in love!

Now when we travel around the world it’s the exact opposite. I can’t find anyone who supports him, think he’s great, or has any respect for him. He has become a joke to almost everyone we’ve talked to just as he has on US late night comedy. Newspaper editorials criticize him, people flip him off as a failed leader, and America looks small.

It’s not just Obamacare – that is only the frosting on the rotten cake – it is that the world is finally realizing he has no idea what he’s doing (unless he is actually trying to bring America down a few notches), he is untrustworthy, disingenuous, self-absorbed, and disengaged.

The once great America now seems amateurish under his presidency and it’s comedy of errors , cover-ups and lies. We are drowning in debt and losing our position as world leader. China smiles; Iran snickers and allies wonder what is next.

We’ve been in many countries across the globe over the last few months and it’s the same everywhere. People ask us incredulously almost daily, “How could you have elected him a second time?” America is not respected as it used to be. This president has embarrassed us all.