Saturday, November 2, 2013

We had some good calls and questions on this show and it was fun answering them. You can listen to the show on-line here. Other listening options here.

Since there are no true pictures of the real Jesus, only someone’s interpretation of what he might have looked like, aren’t pictures of Jesus false images?

How does the Catholic Church explain praying to the dead, especially when it seems like the Old Testament discourages prayer to the dead?

Non-denominational asked: We believe that salvation comes from faith, not works. What do Catholics believe on this? How do you think Mary is involved in salvation?

Non-denominational asked: My 16 year old daughter-in-law is demon possessed and worships Satan. She is not interested in getting help. What should I do?

Why do Catholics believe you have to confess sins to a priest? Can’t we just confess our sins to God? What is your concept of praying for other people?