Link Now Available: Muslims and Christians on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on September 13, 2013

Here is the link to the show I did about the Persecution of Christians and Living with Islam. I drew a lot from my experience in Israel and the Middle East, India, the Philippines and more. The Questions I asked are below. For more options for listening, click here.

Here is an audio of a show I did today on Archangel Radio: What is Islam and How do we think about it? How do Christians relate to Muslims? What should we do?   Click here to listen or listen on YouTube here:

Questions I Answered Tonight on Catholic Answers Live: (I will provide the link to archived show Thursday when it is available.)

1. In the early 1900’s a Muslim prince invited Jews to come to Palestine. What are your comments?

2. Is Islam a religion or really a political entity – what would make them considered a religion?

3. Is there any significance to the 7/11 attacks on that particular day? (I told the caller I did not know but would look it up and post it here. I found this site particularly interesting in that regard).

4. Can you clarify your statements about true and false “separation of church and state” especially in regard to Christianity and Islam?

5. Are you familiar with Fulton Sheen’s book “The World’s First Love”? Do you agree with Sheen that Muslims venerate Mary and that we should pray to Mary for peace between Christians and Muslims?

6. Why do Muslim countries force us to follow their dress restrictions like covering the head but they don’t follow our lifestyle when they come here?

7. Is it safe to travel to Israel?

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Steve Ray September 11, 2013 at 7:32 PM

Janice posted this in the wrong place so I put it here for her:
She wrote: I was just listening to my car radio on IHM Catholic Radio and you were talking about the current and past Muslim leaders such as Mubarak and you said a very interesting thing about the Middle East being tribal. You also mentioned that Mubarak and others (Assad?) that even though they are Muslim they are tolerant of Christians. I was on pilgrimage last late Oct. and early Nov. and our guide was a Palestinian Catholic (the best guide in the world!) who lived in Nazareth. He was telling us the very same thing! We were blest to have an audience with the Bishop of Jerusalem and he asked us to pray that Assad not be deposed because the Christians would suffer then. So, I was so pleased to hear someone else say that, namely you, because it is something no one is talking about. In fact, we pilgrims took up a collection between the 40 of us and presented it to the Bishop who was going to see that it went to the benefit of Christians in Syria. I wrote my congressmen and asked them not to use military force against the dictator. And, here we are looking at using military force there. God be with us!

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