Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ignatius Press publishes and excellent on-line publication called Catholic World Report. I suggest everyone sign up for their weekly issues dealing with all issues pertinent to Catholics and the real world. It is fair, hard-hitting and truthful.

In this week’s issue there is an article written by Michael Coren entitled “Christianity, Islam and a Deadly Double Standard.” I have provided a few paragraphs to wet you appetite to read the whole thing. 

I did two radio shows yesterday on the plight of Christians living in Islamic countries and I was asked several times: “What can we do?” I answered, “Pray, but also learn our Catholic faith well, and learn Islam well. Study and find out what we are up against and then act by teaching, refusing to be politically correct, and getting involved.”

Here is a lead into the article by Michael Coren:

I have written before in this publication and in others, and have broadcast on my television show in Canada, about the reality of Islam and Muslim attitudes towards Christians. It’s one of the reasons why I receive death threats and abuse. But this story cannot be told often enough.

And the indifferent, secular world has to be reminded and reminded again that the genocidal eschatology of fundamentalist Islam, now the driving and dominant trend in the religion, has to be resisted for the sake of the entire democratic world—but most immediately for any Christian living in a Muslim-dominated country.

There is hardly much need to repeat the blood-red litany of crimes committed by Muslims in the last twenty years alone in the name of Islam. Indonesian Christian schoolgirls beheaded on their way to class; suicide bombings of crowds of innocent people; the torture and rape of women who dare to uncover their faces in public; the constant murderous targeting of children; the obsession with mutilation and beheading; the glorying in death and pain; the “honor killings”; the grooming of young girls; the rape gangs and the forced female genital mutilation; and on and on. None of it is justifiable, or even understandable, on any grounds.

It has nothing to do with western imperialism, Israel, poverty, or oppression. Many of the victims are other Muslims, almost all are harmless civilians. Yet even though the Islamists hardly even bother to try to justify their actions, almost every one of them is immediately analyzed, explained, and even partly justified, by Western leftists and Islamic fellow travelers. We are told that this has nothing to do with Islam but everything to do with injustice and religious extremism—and extremism, they continue, is the fault not of Islam but of all religions.

Which would contain at least a tincture of credence if we lived in fear of Unitarian terrorists, Lutheran killers, or aging Catholic nuns intent on suicide bombings. The chattering classes smother themselves in denial and relativism partly because they are physically terrified of offending Islam, but also because they so detest Christianity that they simply cannot acknowledge that followers of Christ behave in a far more civilized and peaceful way than followers of Mohammad.

That Christians are so often victims of Muslims makes the denial even easier, because if anyone deserves to suffer, it is surely those awful Christian types who in the West want to stop men from marrying men and women from marrying women, who oppose abortion, and who think people shouldn’t use sex as a coffee substitute.

For the whole article, click HERE.