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Against Bombing Syria

by Steve Ray on September 7, 2013

Greetings from Jerusalem. Please contact your Senator and Congressmen to say NO to a strike on Syria. The rebels are NOT freedom fighters but radical Muslims who are slaughtering Christians and assassinating every opponent.

I watched a video here of a rebel killing and eating the heart of an Syrian soldier. Have you seen the video of the execution of 300 which has gone viral?

Are these the people we want to arm with US dollars? The one’s who will suffer the most from a US strike against Syria will be the Christians.

The USA has already given over millions to aid to the radical Muslim rebels, much in the form of weapons. Last week the rebels assassinated over 300 Christians.

The Arabs in the Middle East have a tribal mentality and in general have no concept of democracy. Democracy is foreign and repugnant to the Muslims mind.

When Saddam Hussein fell (dictator though he was), it was the Christians who suffered. Hussein always protected Christians and they had freedom.

The same with Egypt! Sixty churches have been burned in recent weeks. When Mubarak was deposed (dictator though he was), it was the Christians who suffered. Mubarak protected the free exercise of religion for Christians.

Obama wants to repeat the story by toppling Assad (dictator though he is). But Assad has always provided protection and freedom for Christians. If he too falls the Christians will be slaughtered, as is already happening in rebel controlled areas of Syria.

Might I step out on a limb and suggest it was NOT Assad who used chemical weapons? I suspect it was the rebels who did it – setting up Assad. Assad had nothing to gain but everything to lose. The radical Muslim rebels had nothing to lose and everything to gain by using chemical weapons. I suspect my suspicion will be proved over time.

Join the Pope and the bishops. Call your senators and representatives!