On Catholic Answers Live Today

by Steve Ray on August 19, 2013

I was the guest for Open Forum for Non-Catholics
on Catholic Answers Live hosted by Jimmy Akin.

Here is the link to listen on-line and other listening options. Below are the questions I
answered on the show.

New Christian who joined Luther church asked: The
commands God gives Moses in the Old Testament seem very different
from the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament. Can you explain

From an Agnostic: Describe a fundamentalist
approach to the contraception issue? Do Catholics have a
fundamentalist approach?

A Non-denominational: I’ve seen
people bowing to Mary and honoring him which looks like worship.
Understanding Catholics call it veneration and not worship, how do
you know if it has gone too far and actually become

A Protestant asked: A lot of Catholics do not
believe or practice what their church teaches so why are they
allowed to still be Catholics?

An Agnostic
asked: Is it true that Mother Teresa would deny pain medicine to
those in pain because she wanted their suffering to be

An Agnostic asked: Does the Catholic Church
approve of the use of Viagra?

An Anglican
asked: In dealing with same-sex attraction, what is the difference
between the Protestant Exodus therapy
organization and the Catholic Courage

No Religious affiliation asked: Can you explain
NFP? Is it OK for a married couple to have sexual relations during
pregnancy? Will it hurt the baby?

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