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by JesseRay on August 11, 2013

Why don’t Protestants recognize the Pope’s authority? Maybe because they don’t wear their Jewish glasses when they read the Bible.

Steve teaches how to defend against Protestant misunderstandings of St. Peter and the Papacy with easy to understand stories and examples.

This MP3 only 1.99 this week and all other MP3’s 30% off.

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Ben Uchytil August 12, 2013 at 6:18 AM

I’m a rabbi. Jewish ‘glasses’ do not lead to the recognition of the pope’s supposed authority.


Dear Rabbi, Steve right here. I understand your position that when you read the Hebrew Scriptures you do not see the pope contained therein. Granted.

However, I know many Jewish converts to Christianity who have found the pope by reading the Old Testament and realizing it’s the foundation for the teachings of the Catholic Church.

We believe the Catholic Church did not start in a vacuum but it grew out of the Jewish root. Therefore to understand the Jewish root gives meaning and clarity to what we believe as Catholics.

When we read the words of Jesus “I will give you the keys of the kingdom” we do not interpret that anyway we wish. We understand that comes from the Jewish background where the Kings had stewards and gave their stewards the keys of the kingdom as a delegated authority.

That’s what I mean by saying we can understand by wearing Jewish glasses. Most of my writings are aimed at Protestant Christianity which denies the basic and historical tenets Of the Catholic Church.

Thanks for your comment and I hope my clarification helps you understand why I said what I said.

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