Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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HYPOCRISY  IS ALIVE AND WELL: High Fashion  in the Mosques

That’s OK, just don’t burn or deface the Koran or draw a picture of Mohammed!!

Every day shirts like this are mass produced, marketed and sold by street vendors throughout the Middle East and it’s  “Simply  OK.”

The  mass-murder of 9-11 is a celebrated event by millions of Muslim people.

Funny how racism and offending other races only applies to  “Non Muslims”!


This week Catholic World Report has a biting article about the recent decision to allow openly gay “youth” to join the “Boy” Scouts. You’ll see why I put these words in quotations marks as you read.

Here is an excerpt:

The CWR Blog
We must now pretend that boys are not boys, just some neutered youth
May 28, 2013 02:38 EST

The Boy Scouts of America have long ceased to speak the language of Christian or Jewish or solid old Roman virtue.  They, like the schools, have veered away from any of the specifics of expertise, like teaching boys how to shoot a rifle or how to find edible plants in the woods, or, from my March 1, 1911 issue of Boys’ Life, the first issue ever printed, how to drive cattle across the outback of Australia. 

There was only one reality that kept them reasonably sane when all the world around them had gone quite mad, and that was the boy.  And now that one reality has been forgotten.

There’s one word in that official statement that is conspicuous by its absence.  It’s boy.  The word appears in the name of the organization, just as young, men, and Christian appear in the name of the YMCA, even though that organization is now largely a consortium of secular day-care centers and health spas for middle class families and the elderly.  The Boy Scouts of America are apparently no longer about boys.

I am aware that girls are admitted to some of the Scouting programs for adolescents.  That doesn’t change the nature of this abandonment.  For if the Boy Scouts of America had remembered that they were, first of all, the Boy Scouts and not the Youth Scouts, they might just have remembered also the realities of sex – that is, of being a boy, and not a girl, or a neuter.

To read the whole article, click here.


Boy Scouts waste no time – march in gay pride parade

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