Will Children Soon Be Able to Kill Their Parents?

by Steve Ray on May 5, 2013

Is she viable human life? Yes or no?

A nation that has given permission to parents to kill their children will not hesitate to give permission to children to kill their parents!

There is an ironic justice in the way the world works. The selfish generation that decided to legalize killing “non-viable” human babies in the womb for their own convenience have dismissed the value of human life at one end of the human lifespan.

The generation that ushered inĀ contraceptionĀ and abortion is now growing old. The younger generation learned from their elders that human life can be extinguished if it is “non-viable” or unwanted or too expensive.

As the older generation – that ushered in abortion – is now growing senile and aged, the younger generation will consider THEM to be non-viable. And since the value of human life has been done away with, the prodigies of the abortion generation will end up killing off the non-viable elderly at the other end of the life spectrum.

AND, since the older generation that ushered in contraception and abortion will now have fewer to pay for their end of life existence, it will only facilitate the extermination of the older generation since they are too expensive to keep alive and are no longer considered viable or important. Welcome to Obamacare!

Legalization of human destruction at one end of the life spectrum ushers in destruction at the other end. The elderly who were quiet and allowed abortion, will themselves become considered not work keeping alive. And since they contracepted and killed off the younger generation, who will defend them and pay to keep them alive.

Ironic justice. Sad but seemingly becoming the truth of our morally and economically crumbling country.

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