Tiffany’s Story: Surprised What She Found

by Steve Ray on April 19, 2013

In July 2009 at 20 years of age, I came into full communion with the Catholic Church, having been formerly a Baptist highly involved in my high school youth group, as well as being a non-denominational who served on foreign mission trips with that faith community in the two years of high school graduation.

I had only ever heard of Catholic teaching from the perspective of my anti-Catholic Church leaders. When I met my husband he was Catholic, but not strongly able to defend the faith. Our differences forced us to pray to find the Truth together, and I was shocked at what God showed me. 

 Attached is my conversion story. :)

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Jewel April 19, 2013 at 12:11 PM

I have some of the same experiences, minus the boy. I am still coming to terms with Catholic religious practices, even after having converted and receiving the Eucharist on the Easter Vigil this year. But last night, I was listening to the book of Wisdom (Douay-Reims audio Bible) and my first impression is that I had been deprived of substantive food from the Bible for lo, these 51 years! What an amazing read it is. I am more than confirmed that my decision was right to convert. God Bless you, sister!

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