Friday, April 19, 2013

Robert Spencer’s Article: Jihad in Boston

by Steve Ray on April 19, 2013

Updated report on Boston bombers without the ubiquitous politically correct frosting to obfuscate the emerging details of the the jihad attack in Boston.

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Understanding the Chechnyan connection.

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Tiffany’s Story: Surprised What She Found

by Steve Ray on April 19, 2013

In July 2009 at 20 years of age, I came into full communion with the Catholic Church, having been formerly a Baptist highly involved in my high school youth group, as well as being a non-denominational who served on foreign mission trips with that faith community in the two years of high school graduation.

I had only ever heard of Catholic teaching from the perspective of my anti-Catholic Church leaders. When I met my husband he was Catholic, but not strongly able to defend the faith. Our differences forced us to pray to find the Truth together, and I was shocked at what God showed me. 

 Attached is my conversion story. :)

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