Who Will Destroy America?

by Steve Ray on April 5, 2013

Already being done!


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Bill April 18, 2013 at 12:19 AM

What does it matter, the question is not who will destroy America, but who will attempt to destroy Christianity? America (as an entity) will destroy itself by electing those as leaders who cater to the pride, physical and emotional needs humans mistake for happiness, satisfaction, success and many other attributes related to what an indivivual considers success to be. Ask yourself, what is more important to me today, at this second? Chances are it will be a physical outcome of some type and not the attainment of being in the presence of the Creator for eternity. Feeling comfortable is the key motivator to peoples’ choices, not the recognition of God or being absent from His presence after the physical life is over. We take the easy choice, the one which yields immediate comfort, gratification and physical security. Otherwise, why would America, or the majority of Americans, elect an Obama? What are his values and focus. How many of his promises have come to pass. Americans who think they are free are destroying America. God knows the moment. We try to learn the signs of the lead up to destruction, but we fear, not trust, as our norm. Why fear at all? Once your body is dead, the fate of your soul is sealed. If you want to worry, try thinking about that situation.

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