Friday, April 5, 2013

Who Will Destroy America?

by Steve Ray on April 5, 2013

Already being done!


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March 31, 2013 Easter Sunday

 That last several days have been a blur. I hardly know where to begin. The two nights of Eucharistic Adoration in the main sanctuary of St. Teresa’s this past Tuesday and Wednesday was beyond words for Jackie and I.

I thought about this as we were going home, what if you combined that worship in front of the real presence of Jesus with some of the great praise music of the last twenty years much of it coming from the protestant world. I believe that could be life changing.

 Thursday or Friday as we walked in our special place I could hear birds singing just as the sun was coming up. First I heard cardinals and I thought of the blood of Jesus. Then I heard mourning doves for the first time this year and I thought of the passion of Our Lord and the sadness we were feeling for Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

That was followed by wood peckers echoing in the top of the trees…and the cross came to my heart and my mind. Then I heard sparrows with their simple song and thought of Jesus saying “are you not worth much more than they”.

Finally I heard turkeys off in the distance and thought of the “world” still strutting its stuff in all the world’s greed and arrogance. It was quite a moment. On top of all of that Jackie and I saw ten deer that morning, ten being the number of completion from the Bible.

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