Monday, March 25, 2013

Primer on the Mass

by Steve Ray on March 25, 2013

A while ago I sat with a Protestant friend who came to Mass with me. To help him understand what was going on I wrote this short Primer on the Mass for him in advance.

The Mass can be very confusing, even intimidating

I wanted to make sure he understood how the Mass was tied to the Old Testament and that the first Christians considered teh Divine Liturgy a Sacrifice and the Real Presence of Christ. I explained that it was not just a priest up there “doing his thing” but that it was the “work of the people” — a lot was going on that was not immediately apparent to the five senses or the untrained eye.

This may be helpful for you — or for a friend who does not understand the beauty and depth of the Mass. Click here for the whole article.

Here is another article I wrote on “What Did the First Christians Do on Sunday Morning?


You can read the review entitled Raising Rebels HERE or click on the image below.

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“Today I was enrolled in the Rite of Election to come into full communion with the Catholic Church. For many of you this may come as no surprise for others it might be something of a shock.

It was not a decision I entered into lightly, after all as a protestant minister this decision amounts to essentially walking away from my career up to this point as well as any financial stability for my family for the foreseeable future. 

“For the last six years you all have been a great support to me with your comments and challenges as I struggled through many of the questions of faith that have brought me to this point. Many of you have walked beside me even longer, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I thought I owed it to you all to talk about why I am joining the Catholic Church and what this means, and does not mean, for my future. I would love to hear your thoughts and concerns about this so please leave your comments below (in the Combox on his website). I treasure all of you…..”

To read the whole story click here.

Billy “flirted” with the Eastern Orthodox churches on his journey, as did I. And like me had to conclude that the Catholic Church was the true church founded by Christ and that the Orthodox churches had become a schism.

It is a short read, well-written, interesting, encouraging, informative and you will be the better for having read it.

Enjoy the story and leave him a note of welcome on his blog :-)