Blast from the Past: Wow, Time Sure Changes Us!

by Steve Ray on March 22, 2013

n1311344402_264012_3742I was just told about this picture on FaceBook. The picture was taken shortly after I had first become a Catholic in 1994. One witness says this picture was taken in 1997. Time sure changes us :-)

This “Gang of Four” spoke at an apologetics conference in Dearborn Michigan sponsored by Thy Faith Inc. (Gary Michuta’s organization).

On the stage from left to right are: myself, Gary Michuta, Al Kresta and Patrick Madrid. You can click here for the source of the picture which I think is Patrick Madrid’s FaceBook page.

This was a long time ago, but there is still nothing I love better than explaining and defending the Bible and the Catholic Faith!

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Patrick Madrid June 4, 2009 at 1:53 PM

Hi, Steve. It’s hard to imagine that 12 years — perhaps more — have flown by since that evening that the four of us shared the dais to talk about the Catholic Faith. Someone who was there that night and snapped that picture sent it to me awhile ago. And you’re right, I do have it posted on my Facebook page. God bless you!

Tom Govern March 24, 2013 at 10:47 PM

Steve, you are better looking now and perhaps even smarter! Thanks for your efforts.

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