Thursday, March 7, 2013

Special Offer for the Year of Faith

by JesseRay on March 7, 2013

Jesse Ray here. We just finished producing my dad’s newest recorded talk on CD. Proclaiming the Gospel: Back Then – And All Over Again. It is available now for a special price along with his popular book called Faith for Beginners – Understanding the Creeds.
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I always tell people that they will thank me later :-) and they do. We got a wake up call today at 4:00 AM to leave for the Via Dolorosa, touching the top of Calvary and High Mass at the Tomb of Christ. We get up early because the streets are empty and the can pray and stay together as a group more easily. 

See the progression? Carrying our crosses along the Stations of the Cross arriving at the place of crucifixion. We all touch the top of Calvary (many with tears in their eyes) and then have the Solemn High Mass at the Tomb with the Franciscans and their magnificent pipe organ. Then breakfast.

Bishop Cistone’s Homily at the Tomb of Christ > 713_0010


DAY 7, PART TWO:    

St. Ann’s Church to visit the birthplace of Mary and the Miracle of Jesus in John 5 where he healed the cripple at the Pools of Bethesda. Also, visit to pray at the Western (Wailing) Wall  and lunch at Notre Dame. There was a BarMitzvah at the Wall which everyone got to see.

The afternoon was free but a lot of folks took a walk around the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, went to the Holy Shroud Exhibit and much more.

DAY 7, PART THREE:  Walk around Jerusalem

Walk around the Walls of Jerusalem with many of the pilgrims

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