Monday, March 4, 2013

Today was exciting and every moment we were ahead of schedule! This is a great group and they love every minute of our adventures today – especially the dancing!

Shopping started the day. Most groups go shopping almost every day but we limit it so that we have more time to visit holy sites and pray. But we shop only at Christian shops to support the oppressed local Christians in the Holy Land. Afterwards we went to the Church of the Nativity to touch the place Jesus was born.

A local lunch at the Christmas Tree Restaurant of falafels and schwarma filled everyone’s tummy quite well before heading for Shepherds Field. This is where David tended his father’s sheep and we think he wrote the 23rd Psalm. We had Mass in the cave where the shepherds were staying.

Then to a marvelous Palestinian meal of roast lamb stuffed with spiced rice, lentil soup, many salads, traditional sweets and Turkish coffee. Then the Arabic music began and everyone jumped up and danced. Then back through the checkpoint to our Notre Dame hotel. What a day.

Click the numbers for the Bishop’s homily in the cave at Shepherds Field >>  713_0008