Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good Morning Sea of Galilee; our Pilgrimage Begins!

by Steve Ray on December 27, 2012

Good Morning Sea of Galilee! We pick up our bus of excited pilgrims today at Ben Gurion Airport. All is peaceful and beautiful as usual!

Jet lag kills me. It is now 7:00 AM and I’ve been reading the Catechism since 2:00 AM. (Reading it thru during the Year of Faith.) Currently reading the section on the life and Passion of Our Lord as the waves pound gently on the sea wall below our room.

“Love being Catholic!”

Stay tuned for daily videos of our pilgrimage starting tonight.



Not only a good summary of “The Infancy Narratives of Jesus of Nazareth” but also of the Pope’s thought in general. A short, crisp enjoyable read – especially over Christmas.

Click here for the article in Catholic World Report.



Why We Lost the Last Election

by Steve Ray on December 27, 2012

Bill Whittle hits it on the head.