Friday, October 19, 2012

Today I had the great pleasure and honor of speaking to about 700 great, polite, enthusiastic and very Catholic students at St. Francis High School in Traverse City Michigan. We talked about God, morals, sex, marriage, and lot of other fun stuff. 

My grandkids then saw the video and sent a video in response — not to be out done :-)

It is less than 1.5 minutes. See below a Facebook response from one of the marvelous and bright students >>

Hi Steve, I’m a 9th grade student from St. Marys Lake Leelanau and I just wanted to thank you so much for talking to us today at St. Francis in Traverse City. I had a great time and really enjoyed your speech. Last year in religion class we watched your Footprints with God series and my class and I thought they were really funny and fun to watch and we learned stuff at the same time.

My class was super excited to hear that you were going to be up here to talk to us and you definetly delivered. Also i would love to visit Israel and Rome someday and maybe you could give me a tour.  I hope I can meet you in person some day and please respond if you have the time. Your BIGGEST FAN, RS