Our Hike through the Badlands of North Dakota Seeing the Petrified Forest

by Steve Ray on October 17, 2012

Janet and I are in North Dakota where I am conducting a parish mission in Beach, North Dakota. Great folks coming from all around the area and very enthusiastic about the Catholic faith.

While here Janet and I took advantage of some of the great landscape and hiking trails. Today we hiked back into the Badlands and the grasslands of North Dakota through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

We saw bison – almost too close. We were intrigued with the Petrified Forest. It was the first time we’d seen such an amazing thing. Very interesting landscape which made made us feel like we were on another planet.

See the interactive map, videos and pictures HERE.




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Phil Cathell October 17, 2012 at 7:50 AM

there’s no beach in SD!!

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