Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another great day in the Emerald Isle. Far too much to relay though I want to give you all a feel for what we are experiencing here on this deeply historical, cultural and spiritual pilgrimage with the Rosary prayed, Mass at magnificent sites and meeting many locals and discussing the faith and learning their culture.

EARLY MORNING WALK: My early morning hike through through the quaint village of Sneem. Click HERE to see videos, pictures and interactive map.

Click on image to join me on my early morning hike through Sneem Ireland









PART ONE: Leaving Smeem with sad emotions (wanting to stay). To Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney Stone and have lunch.

PART TWO: Cashel Rock where St. Patrick baptized a pagan king after using the clover leaf to demonstrate the Trinity. Then to Mass at Holy Trinity Abbey before arriving in Killkenny for an evening of Irish music and Batt’s story-telling.


The locals all showed up at the pub until way late to teach us to sing and dance. What a great evening with the talented yet simple towns folk.