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by Steve Ray on September 4, 2012

Last week I answered Questions from Non-Catholics. A number dealt with atheism. Very interesting show – and lively.

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Here are the questions I answered:

There are resurrection myths in many ancient cultures. Why isn’t the resurrection of Jesus just another one of the myths?
What do Catholics believe about salvation and works? Is it by faith or works?
How old is the earth?
What is the Catholic view of evolution?
Can there be meaning and ultimate purpose in life without God? Atheist contended that there can be meaning and purpose to life without a God. Lively discussion.
If the Gospels are true why are there not more independent verification of events like bodies coming out of the tombs?

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Erick Ybarra September 6, 2012 at 1:16 PM

Hey Mr. Ray,

I am excited to run through your book on the papacy.

With regard to salvation being by works orby faith, I think it is correct to say that we are saved by grace through faith and God works through us to do good works which ultimately we are eschatologically justified by. However I think catholics got Pauline justification wrong. The Protestants also get this wrong. It is not an imputation of Christs righteousness. Justification is the process whereby we are translated from our condition of guilt in Adam to the state of being forgiven in christ Jesus. Baptism pro ides for us an engrafting into the mysteries of Christs death and resurrection. We Are crucified and raised already in christ and our justification ( forgiveness of sin and guilt) come as a result of this baptismal regeneration. It is Christ’s death and our baptism that our sins are not imputed to us, which is another way of describing justification, which is the remission of sins (rom 4:6-9)

Tom Govern September 7, 2012 at 9:53 PM

Great answers, always well thought out in union with teaching of our great and one and only Church!
Steve Ray is one of the most gifted apologists in the world today. I learn every time that I listen.

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