Sunday, July 15, 2012

I had no plan when setting out in 90+ degrees in Rome. It was the road that determined my direction. I took a 2 1/2 hour power walk around new areas of Rome following the interesting sites ahead of me. I started up Via Fornaci.

I found a new – for me – ancient church and catacombs of St. Pancrazia. Then I went around Janiculum Hill looking over Ancient Rome and the aqueduct from the first century built by Emperor Hadrian.

Then down to Trastevere to walk the quaint streets and visit Santa Maria in Trastevere where the first public Mass was celebrated in Rome.

The Girabaldi Park overlooking all of ancient Rome was full of families enjoying the Sunday with a breeze. Great views from above of ancient Rome. It was a hot day and I kept filling my water bottle at all the fountains.

My knee was pretty sore and I will have to have the doctor reevaluate my surgery and let me know when I can start RUNNING again. It is frustrating to  walk for two hours to accomplish what I used to do while running for an hour.

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