Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hiking in Arizona Desert Mountains

by Steve Ray on July 7, 2012

20120707-134408.jpgDoing video work in Phoenix and had Saturday morning free for an adventure before flying home this afternoon. I also wanted to get some exercise.

I drove to Papago Park outside Phoenix in nearly 100 degrees for a good mountain, desert hike.

Though I only hiked 3 miles, a lot of it was rough going as I climbed around in the mountains. I could feel the use of new muscles when I was done.

20120707-134526.jpgVery austere countryside but beautiful in its own rugged way.

All the living creatures were hiding from the sun except a few lizards and the Arizona Quail gregariously squawking in the desert brush. In the past I’ve seen tarantulas emerging from they holes, but today they were keeping cool.

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