Monday, May 14, 2012

To listen to the archived show, click HERE. Podcast and other listening options, click HERE. Al Kresta was the guest host and we took questions from non-Catholics.

Questions I Answered:

1) Are works in a Christian’s life a witness to his faith or meritorious for his salvation?
2) Non-denominational asks: How ought a Catholic layperson submit himself to a Protestant since Scripture says, “Submit to one another”?
3) Atheist asks: Why are Catholics so opposed to same-sex marriage?
4) Non-denominational asks: What does on have to believe to be a Catholic?
5) Calvinist Baptist asks: What do Catholics believe about the end times? Is is uniform or are there different opinions?
6) Protestant asks: Why does the Catholic Church talk so much about the Eucharist and pay so little attention to the Holy Ghost?
7) Missionary Alliance considering the Catholic Church asks: What is the difference between the way a Protestant and Catholic gets saved?