Here Comes the Persecution! Bishops Beware of Speaking the Truth!

by Steve Ray on April 24, 2012

We must defend out bishops!








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Deborah April 24, 2012 at 9:34 PM

As usual, it is only an issue with the “separation of church and state” trolls when it is the Catholic Church speaking out on teachings of the Catholic faith since the Church began 2000 years ago and Catholics equal protection under the Bill of Rights. The trolls say zip when it is the “Revs.” Jackson, Sharpton, and Fleiger and their ilk that frequently appear minority and other descenting churches strutting up a storm and “preach it brother” sermons advocating for the election of Obama and the cheerleading support for and claiming raicism if anyone dares speak against the healthcare mandates. Also, why should anybody have to pay a penalty whether it is $5 or $500 in punishment for not buying a “service?” With regards to contraception and “viagra” there is a considerable difference. The purpose of the first is to contra (against) ception – to thwart the fertility, to render useless the female organ – putting it bluntly, to “neuter”. While the former is to aid in the ability of fertility – there are many men due to illness (diabetes, blood pressure to name only two) and injury that are unable to achieve the ability to complete the marital act. One is to render useless the other is to give remedy to a medical situation. They are diabolically opposed. Bishop Jenky has every right and the duty to be a shepherd to those in the Catholic faith. If only more bishops and priests over the last 60 years would have had the good courage and the fidelity to the faith they claim to profess. It only proves what Fr. Hardon and others have said, we live in a time of martyrdom and only the strong and courageous will survive in the faith.

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