Latest on Obama’s Huge Problem on Abortion/Contraception Scandal

by Steve Ray on March 17, 2012

Jimmy Akin is absolutely correct in his analysis on the HHS Mandate. He acted as an Emperor rather than President. He is being forced to back down by the bishops, but he still has not backed off enough. Keep up the pressure!

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JimAroo March 20, 2012 at 5:31 PM

And on Friday, March 16, the Emperor kicked it up a notch. he made the mandate more extensive by including religious organizations who self insure AND all college student health clinics must now provide sterilization and it must be free. We are not winning on this so far. We understand the Emperor’s surprise…. after 75 years of the Bishops being in the hip pocket of every socialist politician all of a sudden we have an objection. Where did they think their endorsements of socialism would lead? The socialist god is a very jealous go and will not tolerate other gods. Even a casual reading of 20 th century history reveals what happens to the useful idiots when the totalitarians take over. They are the 1st to be executed.

There is a consequence for dancing with Mr. D.

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