Thursday, February 23, 2012

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1. Why do you have a skull on your desk and what do you mean it talks to you?
2. What is the liturgical norm as to who can distribute ashes? Only priests and deacons?
3. How did Lent start?
4. What is the reason for the ashes? Is there a biblical basis for it?
5. Why do we refrain from eating meat on Fridays in Lent? Why meat?
6. Are there things I can do instead of giving things up?
7. I am 10 years old. What is the main thing to do during Lent?
8. Why is fish OK but not meat?
9. Can Ash Wednesday be traced back to Genesis 3:9? “To dust you shall return.”
10. Is it true that fish is allowed because it is not an animal of sacrifice?
11. On the Day of Atonement the Jews could eat no meat, only fish. Could that be related to our days of abstinence?
12. What are your thoughts about having a small piece of candy to remind us not to be too dour during Lent?


Are Those Girls Real?

by Steve Ray on February 23, 2012

Are all these girls real or are they really enhanced computer images after hours of make-up?

Our daughters (and wives) are bombarded with unrealistic expectations about how they should look! They should be glamorous, sexy, beautiful, thin in all the right places and bulging in others. They should be tall, blond . . .

. . . make sure your wives and daughters watch these excellent videos. By the way, us guys can be reminded of reality too (otherwise we look for unrealistic expectations too!)

Click here for Evolution of a Model’s Face Once at this site, click on the option for Evolution.

Onslaught against your Daughter