Finding the Church in Abraham’s Home of Ur in Iraq! A Soldier Finds the Truth 4,000 Years Later!

by Steve Ray on December 23, 2011

David Simmons standing in homeplace of Abraham in Iraq

David Simmons wrote a comment on my blog about his conversion in Iraq – at the original home of Abraham. He sent his story along with pictures.

I told him two things: 1) Welcome home to the fullness of the Faith in the Catholic Church, and 2) Thanks for serving our country! I then asked for permission to share his story with you.

I, too, went through a conversion. I married a “crib Catholic” 6 years ago. I was Baptist by up bringing in a rural town in northern Maine. I was comfortable being the protestant at Mass and worshipping along side of my wife. She was very much into tradition and didn’t know scripture that well. I had a scripture education.

While I was deployed to Iraq in 2006-2007 I was fortunately enough to be stationed right next to the ruins of the City of Ur in Southern Iraq. I visited and toured the site several times. The site also included the archeological remains of Abraham’s father’s home. Being an idol maker within site of the temple he was weathy.

We had an Easter sunrise Mass at Abraham’s childhood home in 2006. While I was there, attending Catholic Mass, thinking of my lovely Cajun wife, God’s whisper spoke to my heart that I should start the adventure, not unlike Abraham, and go through the process of formally entering the True Church. …  [For the rest of the story, click here]

Steps up into Ziggurat

Ziggurat for worship in Abraham's hometown, 4,000 years old

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