Friday, December 16, 2011

Interview on Canadian Television about Christmas

by JesseRay on December 16, 2011

I received a call from a Canadian television station requesting I  do an interview about Christmas. I had quite a good time with Michael Coren, host of The Arena.

He was a great host and author…did you know he wrote the book: “Why Catholics are Right”? It is a very helpful book explaining and defending the Catholic Faith. It is one of the top selling books in Canada. I had begun reading it before the phone call, and was pleasantly surprised when I made the connection.

Steve’s interview is about 10-minutes. He discusses the origins or Christmas. Pagan Holiday? Enjoy!

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Did the Wise Men Meet the Shepherds?

by Steve Ray on December 16, 2011

Today I will be on Relevant Radio discussing Bethlehem and the Birth of Our Lord Jesus.

I wrote this article which I thought you might enjoy and find informative. By the way, the picture below was taken from a mural painted in the Chapel of Angels in Shepherd’s Field in Bethlehem where the shepherds were actually tending their flocks by night 2,000 years ago. We take our pilgrims into the caves where the shepherds were staying.

Nativity Shepherds Field 45-5Did the Wise Men Meet the Shepherds?
by Steve Ray

A king was born. But He was born unlike most kings. There was no pomp and circumstance; there were no midwives or court attendants. There was only the bleating of sheep and the buzzing of flies. Birth in a cave-stable was not like birth in a royal palace.

When a king is born, proclamations ring out across the land. But few people knew about this exceptional birth. So angels sang it out.

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