Tim Tebow: God’s Quarterback – Love him or Hate him

by Steve Ray on December 12, 2011


The Now Famous Kneeling to Thank God

“On a brisk Thursday evening in mid-November, I sat high in the stands at a Denver Broncos home game, covering the ears of my 4-year-old son as the fans around us launched f-bombs at Tim Tebow, the Broncos’ struggling second-year quarterback. Mr. Tebow was ineffective and off-target for most of the game, and one of his more voluble and obnoxious critics was standing right in front of us.

“But the heckler’s friend wasn’t joining in. “Just wait until the end of the fourth quarter,” he said. “That’s Tebow time.”

“And so it was. In the waning moments against the New York Jets, Mr. Tebow manufactured a 95-yard game-winning drive, punctuated by his own 20-yard touchdown dash. He brought the Broncos back from imminent defeat, just as he had done in previous weeks against the Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs.

Man of Action!

“And when the shouting was over, Mr. Tebow did what he always does—he pointed skyward and took a knee in prayer. In postgame interviews, the young quarterback often starts by saying, “First, I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” and ends with “God bless.” He stresses that football is just a game and that God doesn’t care who wins or loses.

“This combination of candid piety and improbable success on the field has made Mr. Tebow the most-discussed phenomenon of the National Football League season. Most expert analysts still consider him poor material for a pro quarterback. An inexperienced passer with awkward throwing mechanics and the build of a fullback, he likes to run over defensive players, which is a no-no in the NFL, whose starting quarterbacks are expensive and hard to come by.

“But onward he and the Broncos have marched, winning six of their last seven games and now tied for the lead in their division as they face the Chicago Bears this Sunday. Mr. Tebow continues to defy his critics—and to embody the anxieties over religion that are dividing today’s sports world and embroiling players and fans alike.”

FOR THE REST OF THE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE.  (Article and pictures thanks to the Wall Street Journal.)

Thanks be to Jesus Christ

Man not afraid to Share his Faith in Christ

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John W December 21, 2011 at 2:58 AM

I like Tebow, but then I found that his parents take regular mission trips to the Phillipines. He was actually born there. They are doing some very good charitible work over there, but their main focus being missionaries seems to be to get Catholics saved.

“The Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association has been serving in the Philippines since 1985 with five major priorities: Evangelism, Church Planting, Pastor Training, an Orphanage, and the Training of the Next Generation of Evangelists. for centuries. It is our goal to go to each and every barangay and give the people the opportunity to hear the gospel at least one time. In addition to preaching the gospel, we are endeavoring to plant indigenous churches with the new converts and train national pastors. It is a tremendous task that must be completed…

Our PLAN is to preach the Gospel in every village in the Philippines in the next few years. The task is great, but God specializes and delights in doing the impossible! We intend to increase our staff of national evangelists to 60. By dividing the country into theaters of operation, with each evangelist assigned to a specific area, and working extremely hard, we intend to preach the Gospel in every village. The plan includes providing theological training and guidance to help national pastors to conduct the best possible follow-up.”

Apparently, the Gospel hasn’t been preached in the Phillipines before the Tebows showed up. Well, at least a Gospel that Phillipinos wouldn’t recognize.

STEVE RAY HERE: I agree with you completely. My wife and I have been to the Philippines five times teaching them to defend the Faith against people like the Tebows. Infuriating! But regarding Tim and his willingness to display his Christianity in the public sphere is an example to all.

Dan Maloney February 3, 2012 at 11:27 AM

In Australia, sport is one of the driving forces of our culture. Our sports stars are more celebrated and revered for their prowess as an athlete here in Oz than even the elite Hollywood stars are in the U.S. And when it comes to sport, Australians love cricket above all. Our national cricket team, the most dominant international cricketing team in the history of cricket (since 1877), carry the hopes and dreams of the entire nation. The captain of the Australian cricket team is so highly honoured and respected that every young kid (even girls) down here grows up wanting to hold that position. So highly is this position esteemed, that it is said that the Prime Minister of Australia is the leader of the nation in the minds and eyes of the population, but it’s the Aussie cricket captain that rules the heart, the muscles and the sinew of the Australian people.

The stars of Aussie cricket history can be googled easily, and they will always be cherished by us. One of them, Matthew Hayden, is considered to be one of the greatest opening batsman of all-time, recording the highest ever score by an Aussie with 380 not out in one innings. At 6’4”, he is a giant of a man, hulk-like in strength, impressive in sheer brute physique, and destructive against opponents, he is known for his devout faith as a Catholic, making the Sign of the Cross every time he scored a century. A gentle beast, “Haydos” as we call him, has made no bones about his devout faith. Here’s a link about his spiritual walk that speaks volumes not only for his character, but for the impression he leaves as a Catholic role model.


Finding out about his sporting career is simply a Google request away. I’m reading his auto-biography and he is a true inspiration as an athlete and a fellow Catholic.

Tebow? Non-Americans don’t usually follow NFL and so wouldn’t be aware of his existence, let alone his “mission” to “save” Catholics. Cricket, though, is followed by nearly 2 billion people, and Haydos is a big man who leaves a huge impact.

God bless from an Aussie Catholic.

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