Friday, December 9, 2011

Excellent, Easy-to-Read Article on Atheism

by Steve Ray on December 9, 2011

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Rosiland_Moss_p-255x255When a young Jewish woman in the 1960s read of Catholic nuns receiving permission to shorten their habits, she was shocked. How could these women who were supposed to be influencing the world for God succumb to the influence of the world? “I lost what wasn’t mine,” explained Rosalind Moss years later. Little did she know that …

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By the way, Rosalind Moss is a very dear friend of mine. My y wife Janet and I have been blessed to be close observers during this marvelous journey. Here is a picture of Janet and I with Rosalind before she was Sister Ros or Mother Ros :-)

With Rosalind in 2008

With Rosalind in 2008


Christmas Ideas! Catholic Bible Software by Logos

by JesseRay on December 9, 2011

IMG_0610Most of you already know that I use Logos Bible Study software every day! There is nothing to compare with it. I have used it since 1990, never believing it would be as user friendly and powerful as it is today.

And now they have three new products worthy of the name “Catholic.”

There are three packages, each loaded with Catholic Bibles, resources — including the Vatican Councils, Fathers of the Church, commentaries and much more.

Catholic Foundations is the most affordable and the Scholar’s pack is for serious study. Scripture Study is middle of the road and geared toward serious Catholic Bible Study.

Check them out by going to

img-catholic-scholars_e img-catholic-scripture_e productLarge_catholicFoundations
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These sets all contain hundreds, of books for use on PC’s Mac’s, iPhones, and other platforms. It automatically syncs between all your devices and  as well as to their “Cloud” computer. Backups are automatic.

The power is unbelievable, the format almost flawless and the capabilities are more than anyone can fathom. Bible and Catholic Study taken to a new level!

The video below pulls back the curtain on the world’s best Bible and Catholic Study software.