Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on November 22, 2011

Monday night’s show was a Q&A for Non-Catholics. You can listen on line here. More info and other listening options here.

1. To join the Catholic Church in good faith, do I have to believe everything in the Catechism?

2. Why are the bodies of dead popes on display at the Vatican?

IMG_18553. My Catholic friend has an abusive wife but says he cannot divorce her because he is Catholic. How can I help him?

4. Eastern Orthodox Christianity seems to focus more on Christ as the Creator of the Universe but Catholics don’t seen to emphasize this. Why?

5. I am a Methodist interested in the Catholic faith. How can I learn more?

6. A Pentecostal told me that being a Catholic is a sure death sentence when it comes to heaven. What is his basis for such a statement?

7. Can only Catholics go to heaven?

8. Do any other religions have open dialogs with Catholics about the possibility of joining the Catholic Church?

9. How do I become a Catholic as an adult? What will RCIA do for me in my journey to the Catholic Church?

10. What is the Catholic foundation for belief that Peter was the first Pope?

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