Pope Calls for “Central World Bank”?

by Steve Ray on October 25, 2011

Read the full article HERE to see why the Vatican has not done what the media is trying to tell us it did. The media loves to twist the Vatican’s words to suit their own purposes and to be sensational.

First, the matter came from a Vatican congregation – not the Pope. Second, there was no “call” but simply a possible “contribution” and a “possible path.”

One should read the document in context and in the manner it which it was written and to be received.

George Weigel says “Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish!”

Ignatius Press’s Carl Olson weighs in well HERE.

Fr. Z rants like a loon

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Ioannes October 28, 2011 at 12:38 PM

Father Z does NOT rant like a loon. His point of view is simply different than yours and Mark Shea’s.

As for me, I don’t agree with the idea of a world government or authority, but the word “moral” was used 5 times in the document as I note here:


The point is that as long as mankind is dead in his trespasses (Ephesians 2:5), no scheme can create a man-made Heaven on Earth. Ain’t agonna happen.

STEVE RAY HERE: Any priest that misrepresents what happened and tries to undermine the Vatican’s actual intent is a problem. I hope people actually read what the Vatican says and how Father Z twists it. We Christians are no longer “dead in our trespasses” which is why we should lead with honesty and freedom and not twist what the Vatican says and attribute things to the Pope he did not say.

Gage January 16, 2012 at 11:24 PM

Long overdue, but as a clarification, the author here doesn’t say Fr. Z rants like a loon–it’s a direct quote from the title of Fr. Z’s piece.

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