New Libyan Leader Declares Islamic State, Sharia Law to Be Enforced

by Steve Ray on October 24, 2011

Libya’s new leader declared his country’s liberation Sunday and set out plans for the future with an Islamist tone. In a televised address, transitional leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil declared his nation will adopt Sharia law as the basis of government, and immediately announced the canceling of all bank loans in violation of such law. The announcement may prove a serious setback for the Obama administration, which had promised support for a post-Gadhafi democratic Libya.
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Chris Maucher October 24, 2011 at 10:24 AM

Hello Mr. Ray,

I hope you are having a wonderful and fruitful time in the Holy Land. I have a question about this post. How does the adoption of Sharia law and the cancellation of usurious loans restrict a democratic process?

STEVE RAY HERE: Sharia Law and Democracy are as opposed to each other as fire and water. There is NO democracy under Sharia Law and Sharia Law outlaws freedoms that we treasure in the West. Look at Muslims with Sharia Law and it will demonstrate the hideous results.

Chris Maucher October 25, 2011 at 7:58 AM

I apologize Mr. Ray,

I was looking for specific examples. I know that in these countries non-Muslims are treated as second or even third class citizens, so religious freedoms are essentially nonexistent. It is a horrendous act to kill someone for converting from one religion (specifically Islam) to another with full support from the government. I just do not know of another reason. As far as the prohibition of usurious loans, I do respect the Muslims attitude toward such use of money. Even Chesterton and Belloc were against the use of such loans.

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