Friday, October 14, 2011

Continuing Saga of Fr. Pavone

by Steve Ray on October 14, 2011

Again, I am not intending to express any opinion or comment on the Fr. Pavone situation here, but only trying to fairly provide information and updates.

Please send me any new news or updates as you discover them. I would like to post comments defending or at least explaining Fr Pavone’s position

Thanks. I pray for Fr. Pavone, Priests for Life, Bishop Zurik and the unity of the Church.

UPDATE: Fr. Pavone’s canon lawyer explains why Fr. Pavone failed to attend the meeting with his bishop HERE.

Ed petes’ Comments on Mediation

On Fr. Pavone’s failure to meet with Bp. Zurek, written by Canon Lawyer Ed Peters:

“Many, many people were fervently praying for a good outcome to yesterday’s meeting between Fr. Pavone, who had expressed his desire to meet with his superior in Amarillo, and Bp. Zurek, who last week offered a personal meeting to Pavone with ample notice. Those petitions were dashed, however, when (to what I think must have been the universal surprise of observers) Pavone simply failed to appear and HERE.

“Now, a “private meeting” between a bishop and one of his priests “to discuss his spiritual progress” poses (for reasons I can elaborate, if useful) zero canonical risk to a priest in disciplinary contention with his bishop. Conversely, the benefits of such a meeting, for men committed to improving their relationship, can be enormous. Basic risk-reward analysis would say, “Take the meeting.” So what happened?

“My thoughts here:


Beautiful 6-minute overview of Israel from helicopters:

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